Sessions in Windmill Lane Dublin

Did some sessions last week in Windmill Lane with Larry Hogan and Dublin Studio Hub. Great sounds, re recording several versions of my tracks. 

Tribute to Spock - Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015 

Two years ago I wrote the second movement of the starlight Symphony as a tribute to Spock.
This week Leonard Nimoy passed away, leaving the world a less logical place.
Thanks to everyone for feedback on the piece. A free…Read more

New Single recorded live at Windmill Lane Studios Dublin

Gone Tomorrow, here Today - Recorded at famous Windmill lane studios Dublin, home of U2, and featuring the incredible Miriam Ingram and Max Greenwood on Piano, this new single is a haunting piano and orchestral ballad, delicately mixed to perfection…Read more

New Demo - I Don't Wanna Lose You Now

I Don't Want to Lose You Now goes viral - a beautiful combination of vocal, piano, and Cello. Thanks to all who listened and supported.