About Les Callard

Songwriter & Musician

"Music is an absolute passion, and Les's songwriting voice is always evolving..."

Les Callard is a Dublin based songwriter, musician, and composer.
With a strong portfolio of professionally produced and highly polished songs, Les is a talent waiting to be discovered. His active genres include Pop Uptempo and Ballads, R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Classical/Soundtrack.
Les's songs take inspiration from a wide range of genres and styles, adding a modern style to rich harmonies inspired by the the great songs of the 70s and rich harmonies of the early eighties. Always with a strong melodic feel Les's songs are an eclectic mix spanning many genres.
His current collection includes several radio ready boy-band style songs both uptempo and ballad, plus a variety of girl power pop tracks. In addition there are several mid tempo tracks waiting to find a great artist to sing them.
Les's songs are ready to form an entire album for an up and coming artists, or make a great contribution to an existing vocal repertoire. Many can be adapted to either male or female vocal, and several of the ballads are suitable for a faster version as melodic layers to a dance beat.
"Good music should be great to listen to, not just dance to. I believe if a track makes you close your eyes, it's great music. Harmony is a beautiful thing" "Many of my songs have a hinted showtune feel to them, a style which when blended with Pop, creates new, exciting, and big sounds."
Les's songwriting voice is always evolving and adapting. He was recently a featured artist at StudioPros production services.

Les has had two singles recorded and released, one by Nick James (UK Singer Songwriter) and one with Odyssey Road (A Journey Tribue Band)
He is also now working on orchestral composition to broaden his range.
If you want great tunes from a serious writer, look no further than Les Callard.

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