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Les Callard is a Dublin based songwriter, and this is his first single released, featuring the voice of Frank King and the soulful piano of Max Greenwood.
Merry Christmas and Goodbye is a new release single for Christmas 2013

"I wanted to create something both sad and joyous, a song to remember friends and loved ones from christmas' past. I like to think of the song as a christmas version of Auld Lang Syne."

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                                                                                       Merry Christmas!

New Single released November 2014

Fran King's unforgettable voice and Max Greenwood's piano blend to create this haunting and melancholy Christmas Ballad
Written by Les Callard

"Outstanding.... sad.... beautiful... bravo!"
"Amazing, and incredibly moving, thankyou"
"I cried.... it felt good.... Thankyou."

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